The Health Medium, Ray Veilleux, has helped people from across the United States.

“The first time I went to Ray for healing intuitive reading, I was nervous of course. I had no idea what to expect. Ray explained what he was doing as he was working on me. One time I had a terribly sore foot that I could hardly stand on. I tried everything I could to sooth the pain. Nothing worked. I called and went to him that afternoon. I walked out of his office pain free and it never returned. I feel bad for anybody that hasn’t been to Ray and experienced his knowledge and abilities. ” ┬áKit, Greene, ME


“Ray imparts excellent detailed insight and the tools necessary to begin a healing process. His simple and easy-to-follow instructions provided me with the necessary information for a successful journey. I highly recommend Ray to anyone who is seeking understanding and knowledge.” ┬áPatricia, Rockland, ME