Frequently Asked Questions


What does a health medium or medical intuitive do?

A medical intuitive has the ability to “intuitively see” your energy field and internal organs to tell if they are under any kind of duress. After locating where the problem is, it is a matter of finding what emotion caused the duress and deciding what modality to use to correct it.

What does energy have to do with health??

From ancient civilizations, verified by Einstein and more currently through quantum physics, it is widely accepted and proven that all things are made of energy, all moving at different speeds. If your energy has been rearranged by trauma—whether emotional or physical—it needs to be returned to balance. A “break” in your energy field disrupts your well-being. This realignment triggers a healing reaction in the body.

What types of people do you work on?

Anyone can benefit from healing energy, but there are certain types of people who seem to seek us out. I have worked on many caregivers with good results. In many cases they “take on” the problems of those they are trying to help, so I show them how to protect themselves without giving up that caring that they so love to give. I have helped young mothers suffering from issues with birth, anxiety, as well as help them handle children with ADHD, ADD, dyslexia and balance problems. I have also guided others who do this type of work, helping them to understand what they may ‘see’ or ‘feel’. We determine their potential, and suggest resources that will continue them on their path.

I live in another state. How can I benefit from your services?

In the etheric world there is no time or separation. In effect it is as though the intuitive is standing next to you even though there may be many physical miles between you. Clients can permit medical intuitives to access their energy for health readings.

Even if I’m under a doctor’s care, should I work with a medical intuitive?

Yes. The idea is NOT to get rid of your practitioner but to supplement; identifying and removing the emotional cause of the problem can speed and deepen the healing process. Many modern medical facilities now hire medical intuitives to work in conjunction.

Where can I go to get more information?

the Association of Research and Enlightenment
the International Association of Medical Intuitives
the International Association of Reiki Professionals