Energy medicine balances chakras, inducing healing on a cellular level.

An Intuitive health reading by The Health Medium Ray Veilleux incorporates healing arts with intuitive, emotional, spiritual energy insights for a comprehensive plan for self-healing.

Ray combines his instinctive abilities to bring you knowledge and understanding of your issues. His knowledge and study of the human body and its nutritional and energetic workings coupled with an innate ability to “see” the problem at hand, combined with his insightful feelings that get to the root cause of the matter bring a comprehensive look to your physical health concerns.

One-On-One Personal Energy Plans

Meet with Ray or speak with him on the phone for a personal or face-to-face conversation about your issues. Ray will consult with you and read your energy and nutritional patterns based on information you provide, then discuss with you anything that might be of issue.

Your session may include balancing your chakras in order to optimize your meridians, a nutritional change or food supplements and show you how to maintain a balance. Energy exercises may be suggested in order to shift you at a cellular level. A Personal Health Plan is developed and written for you, and your path to better health is illuminated, if you so choose.

If you’re not ready for a reading but want to stay informed about what The Health Medium might suggest for vibrant health, click here.



Ray Veilleux is not a doctor of any kind. I do not diagnose or cure any disease. I do not hold a license in any field .These are intuitive opinions for you to accept or reject. Using this service does not replace or substitute available medical services, in fact we encourage you to verify anything we suggest. Do NOT use these suggestions if common sense tells you that it is not for you.

ULTIMATELY, your health is between you and God.